Preparatory Media Resources

A crucial skill in studying a language and enhancing your cultural competence involves familiarizing yourself with cultural texts and being able to analyze them. For beginners, you can get started by introducing yourself to online, in-language media resources, such as news sites or literary and cinematic repositories.



Read in Russian to keep the language alive in your mind. Read everything you can — literature, media, or non-fiction. Know your level and pick a text that is a little challenging, but not too challenging. For instance, someone completing an advanced course of study at Middlebury’s School of Russian could choose to read Anna Karenina – a chapter a day is manageable and the language isn’t too hard once you get through a couple of chapters. But Crime and Punishment would be too difficult.

«День без вранья», Виктория Токарева

«Дама с собачкой», Антон Чехов

«Снег», Константин Паустовский

«Солнце, старик и девушка», Василий Шукшин


Watch Russian films to keep the language in your ear. View as many films as you can, with an emphasis on keeping your selections as inviting as possible based on your interests. Watch Russian TV, or choose from the films listed below. When you watch a Russian film, stop and replay moments that are difficult to understand, until you comprehend them. Pause the film and practice lines that are interesting to say. Listen carefully and work on your pronunciation by imitating what you hear.

Киноконцерн “Мосфильм”

Киноконцерн “Ленфильм”

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