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What is the Language Pledge?

The Language Pledge is an integral component of the Davis School of Russian that leads to the phenomenal linguistic progress students achieve in our program. All students promise to speak only Russian at all times for the duration of the program—in the dorms, at the dining hall, during co-curricular activities, and off campus. Even when alone, you are expected to stay in Russian, whether you’re reading, listening to music, or using your digital devices.


There are certain situations which may require students to briefly use a language other than Russian. Should you need to discuss academic or personal matters in another language with the Director, you may ask permission to do so. Additionally, the Pledge is suspended in any emergency situation, as well as during religious services and visits to counselors or doctors. Essential communication with family or work is permitted as long as it does not interfere with the learning experience of other students. By upholding the Pledge at all times, you will make the most of the opportunity to learn Russian.


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