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Русский хор — Russian Choir

students practicing in the Russian choirMembers of the traditional folk ensemble “Zolotoy Plyos” teach students to sing in Russian, as well as dance and play traditional Russian instruments, such as spoons and balalaikas. Taking part in the choir is beneficial not just for one’s cultural education, but for language skills as well: students expand their vocabulary and improve their pronunciation as they participate in rehearsals of one musical show performed at the end of the summer.

Русский театр — Russian Theater

Every summer students participate in a production of a play under supervision of  Sergey Kokovkin, a famous director from Moscow. Sergey Kokovkin is a director, actor and a playwright and his plays were staged all over the world. Students get a chance to experience real theater with rehearsals, stage setting created just for this play, costumes and music. Recent productions include plays by Chekhov, Bulgakov, Bykov and others.

Волейбол и футбол — Volleyball and Soccer

Students come twice a week to practice these sports in Russian. Throughout the summer there are games with other language schools.  

Кулинарный клуб — Culinary Club

Each week students learn how to cook a traditional Russian dish: anything from borsch to salad “Оливье”. Each class is followed by dinner.


Клуб русской росписи — Russian Painting Club

Even non-artists can learn to paint in the traditional Russian style Хохлома and bring home a hand-painted souvenir: a cutting board or a toy.

Русская культура каждый день — Everyday Russian Culture

Students learn about traditions, customs and habits of Russian and discover how Russian daily life is different from American. They learn how to behave when visiting a Russian family, what to do and say when dating a Russian, how to make Russian toasts and much more.

Русские мультфильмы — Russian Cartoons

Students come together to watch and discuss famous Russian cartoons, a very important part of Russian and Soviet culture.

Клуб русского сленга — Russian Slang Club

Students learn Russian words and phrases that are common among teenagers and young people in Russia. The club is especially useful for those planning to go to Russia and who want to learn Russian spoken on the street.

Клуб политических новостей — Political News Club

Every week students come to discuss current events in Russian. They read articles and watch news clips, learn new vocabulary and engage in conversations about what is happening right now in Russia and in the world.

Клуб журналистики — Journalism Club

Students participate in production of the School weekly newspaper and a weekly radio show.

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