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Digital School of Russian


Pre-Immersion Learning

Prepare for your immersive experience learning Russian here by learning the Russian alphabet and daily interaction phrases. This section also contains information about the Language Pledge and the Middlebury Russian School.


Heritage Learning

Currently under construction, when this site is completed, it will feature lessons that have been developed specifically for heritage learners of Russian, i.e., bilinguals who have been immersed in Russian from childhood but who received all or most of their formal education in English. This learning space is designed to meet some of the specific needs of this unique learner profile. Welcome!

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Immersion Learning

Immerse yourself in our all-in-Russian website, which provides information on summer events as well as year-round access to Russian-language resources.

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The Digital School of Russian is a series of language learning experiences collaboratively created by Middlebury’s School of Russian and Office of Digital Learning and Inquiry. These digital language learning experiences — designed to support learning before, during, and after the summer intensive Russian language immersion experience at the Middlebury Language Schools — together represent the joining of language-learning resources and expertise both within and beyond the Middlebury institution. From the hub site, you can access curated materials and exercises to prepare you for Russian language immersion, to keep you in-language during your learning experience at the Language Schools, and to continue your learning after you have completed your formal Russian language studies.